What Natural Scents Can Make My Home Appealing To Buyers

What Natural Scents Can Make My Home Appealing to Buyers?

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Question: What natural scents can make my home appealing to buyers?

Answer: This is a common question asked of real estate agents and it is a little surprising how easily mistakes can be made that turn buyers off. Generally, fragrant candles and aerosol room fresheners are too strong to be used just before your guests arrive. Few things can make a buyer more suspicious than an overly strong smell. They may think you have something to hide if a pleasant odor is overwhelming. If you want to freshen up the smell of your home with these products, use them at least 4 hours ahead of time. 

Most people will feel comfortable in a home that smells clean and welcoming with a scent of coffee, tea or cookies. If you are not preparing these foods, you can simulate the smell with a few drops of cinnamon oil with water in a pie plate placed in a warm, (not hot), oven. Also herbs like rosemary, lavender, and mint offer a pleasant natural fragrance whether you place them in vases or simmer them in a saucepan. You can also use an aromatherapy dispenser.  They are inexpensive and available on sites like Amazon. 

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