Why Schools Matter and Factor into Homebuying Decisions

When purchasing a home, there's an old saying we often hear - "location, location, location". However, the significance of this extends far beyond just geographical features or proximity to city centers. An important and sometimes overlooked aspect of a home's location is its proximity to reputable schools.

Firstly, schools play a vital role in community development. Neighborhoods with good schools often have an engaged community and a lower crime rate. Families with children usually prefer areas with easy access to quality education, making neighborhoods with good schools appealing for those who value a sense of community and safety.

But why does school district matter even if you don't have school-age children? One significant reason is the impact on home values. Homes in districts with desirable schools often hold their value better than others. In times of economic turbulence, these homes typically retain their value more steadfastly and may even continue to appreciate. This can make a substantial difference to homeowners when it's time to sell.

Additionally, homes in excellent school districts usually experience higher demand. Buyers, particularly those with children, often prioritize school quality over other factors, such as commute time or proximity to amenities. Higher demand for these homes often results in quicker sales and potentially higher sales prices. So, even if you don't have children, buying a home in a good school district can be a smart long-term financial move.

Fortunately the Roanoke Valley has a large number of really great choices when it comes to high schools. We have two ways for you to easily search homes by local high school. The first is the menu at the top of our website. (see above).  The second is to click on our High School Home Search. It is a guide to many of the area high schools. 

The significance of a home's proximity to quality schools extends far beyond immediate educational needs. From community feel to property value and future demand, good schools contribute significantly to the attractiveness of a home. Therefore, even if school bells and report cards seem like a distant concern, they could be a vital part of your next real estate decision. Reach out to Steve and he will be happy to provide you with local schools information and resources to help you make the best decision for you.

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